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T1 Point-to-Point Service

When it comes to mission-critical Internet connectivity, the private leased-line is a solid, enterprise-grade Internet access technology. A leased-line is a dedicated, point-to-point, digital Internet connection capable of high data transfer rates with extremely low latency.

Our leased-line data service is a direct point-to-point connection from your location to our network. This means lower latency and superior levels of reliability and availability. Leased-line services are also supported by the local carrier with a much higher degree of urgency than a DSL or similar consumer-oriented services such as cable modem. For example, if a problem is encountered with your leased line, the local telephone company or carrier is mandated by the PUC to respond to an outage within 4 hours. DSL and similar services have support on a "best-effort" basis and can often experience extended periods of outage as a result.

Dedicated leased lines are ideal if you require a permanent, highly reliable, and highly scalable Internet access service. This type of connection provides extremely high levels of reliability, availability, and performance and is well suited for high-bandwidth applications such as corporate LAN or WAN connectivity, multimedia web hosting, FTP, streaming media and other high bandwidth applications.

Full T1 Line

A full T1 Line, sometimes referred to as DS1 line, is an internet connection that transmits digital information at a rate of 1.54 megabits per second. A full T1 line has 24 separate channels that can be allocated for either Voice or Data transmission, which allows some companies to offer an Integrated T1 Line.

Fractional T1 Line

Small or growing companies might be interested in a Fractional T1 lines. A fractional T1 is a portion of a full T1 and carries a fractional amount of data channels based on your requirements.

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