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Broadband Internet Service

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)

DSL is an acronym for Digital Subscriber Line. DSL technology allows for high-speed data transmission over ordinary copper phone lines that the telephone companies have connected to homes and businesses. DSL achieves higher speeds by expanding the usable bandwidth of copper phone lines.

SelectNet's Business Class DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) Internet Service allows businesses of all sizes to enjoy competitive advantages such as...
  • Access to audio, video, and enhanced graphics over the Internet and through remote LAN access.
  • Internet and intranet access for telecommuters.
  • A connection between remote or branch offices and corporate headquarters.
  • Expert installation and technical support.
  • An access solution that's particularly cost-effective for growing businesses.

Single User Features:
  • Always open, dedicated connection.
  • Used when only one computer is connected to the DSL service.
  • Single, dynamically assigned IP address.
  • Managed or Unmanaged service available.
  • Self-installation option available.
Managed Service:

Under the Managed Service option, SelectNet provides the DSL modem for a regular monthly fee and provides ongoing management and repair. It is not necessary to purchase the modem at time of installation. Managed single-user service specifically includes:
  • DSL service managed up to the LAN port on the DSL modem.
  • Rental of the DSL modem.
  • Remote configuration of the DSL modem.
  • Free repair or replacement in the case of modem failure.
  • Free software upgrades to the DSL modem.
  • No field technician site visit repair charges (after initial installation).
  • Note: The customer is always responsible for their own PC configuration.

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